Water Heater Services in Gwinnett County

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Most people have no clue how long a water heater should last. If you ask around some folks will say as little as 7 or 8 years. Others think every water heater should last over 20 years. The truth is in the middle of these numbers. About 90% of water heaters are between 10 to 16 years of age when the tank rusts out and ruptures. This is the point when a repair is no longer in the cards!

Electric Water Heater Installation

Due to new energy guidelines from The National Energy Conservation, electric water heaters are now more energy efficient. If your existing electric water heater is an older unit chances are some code upgrades may be needed to ensure a safe installation. Most new units will need a thermal expansion tank and other options are available and may be needed like a drip pan, shut off valve, and water alarm.

Gas Water Heater installation

Gas water heaters provide a very efficient way to heat the water your family needs. There are also code upgrades that an older gas water heater may be missing though from a drip tee on your gas line and a thermal expansion tank. Double wall vent piping is also highly recommended, along with a drip pan. A new shut-off valve and high water alarm are also great investments as well.

For peak energy efficiency you can’t go better than a gas tankless water heater. Electric tankless is just not a good option currently with the technology available. They require on average 2 sometimes even 3 separate 220-volt wiring. A tankless can allow for more space and there are options for an exterior mounted unit. Also, never-ending hot water is a great thing to enjoy! The main downside to a tankless is the cost of the unit and installation is a good bit more than a traditional tank-style gas water heater.

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